When the Bead Muse whispers to me, I make jewelry…

Some days it is organic and chunky, created with elements that express the forces of Nature like lava, fossils and minerals.

Other days the Muse moves me to be colorful and funky: full of texture and interesting combinations of beads and pendants. Vintage and contemporary glass beads from Germany and the Czech Republic are included in these pieces.

Semi precious stone, shell, bone and sterling accents are also in evidence. Austrian crystals often peek out of a cluster of beads (the Muse loves the way they catch and reflect light).

When the stars are aligned just right and the moon is full, the Muse advises a more primitive, tribal approach to design. The jewelry created in this phase vibrates with ancient rhythms and reflects a fundamental passion for life.

Nature inspires and informs the Bead Muse and her every thought. I am merely a vessel at the whim of the Bead Muse.



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