As the artist in residence at Swing Lane Studio, Donna employs a mixed-media approach to the art of personal adornment. Her materials include various metals, lamp worked glass, enamels, lava, seed beads and fiber. The techniques she employs are varied but united by a common theme: ALTERED SURFACES

Working with copper, bronze and sterling she patinas, hand colors, stamps or enamels the surface of the metals to create one-of-a-kind design elements.

Some days in her studio are spent at the torch making glass beads. Not content with uniform, shiny glass surfaces, Donna might add enamels or baking soda to the hot glass to affect the finish. Other times, she may etch the bead’s surface after it has been annealed and cooled.

Lava is another material that Donna loves to alter. In its’ natural state lava is a hard but porous stone with a matte surface in shades of black, grey and brown. It is found wherever volcanic activity has occurred on land and under sea. It can be carved, hand-colored, gilded, beaded, etc. to alter its’ surface.

Fibers and seed beads are combined in a variety of techniques that yield stunning, colorful, and sometimes playful results.

All or some of these ALTERED SURFACES are used in various combinations to create a unique line of personal adornment that express the artist’s love of color, texture,
movement and light.

I hope you enjoy the results!

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